Undeniably True Friends


While I was sipping this black coffee and looking at old photographs of me and friends; I quickly remembered moments shared with them. They were funny, smart, crazy and annoying in some way but as the days turned into years, the attitude of some changed from good to bad and from bad to worse while few remained the same.

Here is an advice:

When in the midst of the people you call friends; search for the despicable and keep them at a distance. You can talk with them any-time but remember; personal matters can’t be shared with them.

Here’s what I think a true friend is:

  • That heart that loved you at your worst
  • That arm that held you at your weakest
  • That fellow who stood up for you when everyone was against you
  • That person who gave you light in your darkness
  • That person who let you be yourself around him/her
  • That person who always told you the home truth
  • That person who sees pain in your eyes when everyone else believes the smile on your face
  • That person who has time to listen to everything you have to say including rants.

A true friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mum, teases likes a sister, irritates like a brother and finally loves you more than a lover.

When you find such people; repay them with kindness. Try your best to be a good friend too.

A true friend does not come with a label on the forehead, you get to know them when you’re going through hard times.

PS Shout out to all my true buddies, you’ve have been amazing. I don’t regret having you as best friends. Thanks for the love.

Live Your Life


Good morning to you from over here, I hope Friday went well for you. Here are some words that touched me this week.

Cherish beautiful memories

Many unexplainable things happen

Live in the moment

Spend time with people who care about you

And if you think none loves you enough

To support and stay with you during hard times;

Think about loving yourself more

Prove to yourself you are worthy of affection

We don’t have to deny our feelings when we are really hurt but be mindful of who we share our problems with.

Nothing good comes easy

You don’t need to be perfect to be good

Treat yourself with respect

Have faith and don’t doubt it

Don’t be too worried about tomorrow

Just be positive that things will turn out for the best

It’s part of life to fail, learn, get up and live.

In the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself – Anonymous




We are but one of a kind

Simply put there is nobody like you

Why do some of us long to be another person?

To the extent, they seize every chance to imitate


Flawless Flawless Flawless

We hear those words at least once a week but

Ignore the implications of pursuing perfection

Till when are you going to continue being flawless?

Till when are we going to admire who we truly are?


There is beauty in and around us

If others don’t see, I see

Too bad, we miss opportunities for happiness

Cos we are too focused on others

It is a choice we have to make

To accept ourselves, and

To see the best part about us,

To stop comparing ourselves to others, and

Start comparing ourselves to the person from yesterday.

The real success comes in being true to yourself.

What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden, and it’s not. And a lot of time it’s what makes you great – Emma Stone

Comparison is the thief of joy – Franklin Roosevelt

Grab a drink and cheer to a wonderful week ahead!

Don’t compare yourself to others… that’s a battle you can never win – Michelle Parsons


Building bridges - assistance for business

Hmm, I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

Good morning readers! Do you know that the road to happiness is paved with adversity? Today, I’ll share with you something about sacrificing to make your future better than what you see today.


No wine without crushing grapes

No flowers without dirt

No gold medal without competing against opponents

Lou holtz quipped:

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.

Ignore harsh criticism from haters (If you do well, they will find a fault somehow. If you don’t do well, they condemn you but then again; If you choose to do nothing at all, they will spread lies and tarnish your reputation). So stop making excuses when you see a reason to sacrifice for your gain tomorrow. Pitfalls shapes us but do not determine who we are. Don’t give up on yourself, you are not in this world to just exist. You are here to fulfil a purpose and until you do that, you will continue to feel like you do not belong anywhere.

A . W Tozer said:

A simple-hearted man was asked how he managed to live in such a state of tranquillity even though he was faced by adverse circumstances. His reply was profound, yet simple: I have learned to cooperate with the inevitable.

Watch the steps you take to achieve your goals lest you fall into one of the major pitfalls of life. Nevertheless if you fall, get up and see further instead of looking back.



These are the thoughts I had while I was drinking the fourth cup of coffee this evening, so I quickly wrote it down in my diary. It’s about rejection. Here it is:

The fear of rejection has caused millions of people the golden chance to get what they want.

The list of men and women who did not bow to rejection is endless. Have an end goal and be enthusiastic about it, my friend! Life isn’t a popularity contest, it is complicated. I will tell you something about Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba group. After college; he applied for 30 different jobs and was rejected but today he is the richest man in Asia and the 14th richest in the world. OK another popular one: you remember the founder of KFC. Yes, Colonel Sanders; do you know he encountered obstacles before his breakthrough? Do you also know that his ‘secret’ recipe was rejected 1,009 times before anyone accepted it? (Read about him here)

You might be asking yourself this question: After this number of rejections, why did they have to press on? … They only answer I have for you is that, THEY WERE DETERMINED TO SUCCEED.

Why have you become a pathetic figure? wake up and smell the coffee.

Each setback whispers a piece of advice to you

It’s left to you to listen and be prepared next time.

Accept the circumstances surrounding you and turn them into stepping stones to your destination.

You never can tell if you are being re-directed to something better and that’s why you get disappointed. Work on the NO’s you receive!

Remember these:

If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down from banks 242 times, there would be no Starbucks.

Best of luck in your future!

Moments Of Gratefulness


Good morning to you! The blue sky and flowering shrubs are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing to the eyes; the weather is so good over here. My thoughts this morning has been on the pros of expressing our gratitude to people for their kindness. Below is what I think about it.

Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation with everything else – Buddha

Our supporters and helpers should be thanked each time they do something good for us. We don’t have to wait until a certain date to be grateful to them. You may have gifts or rewards for them but the easiest is the two words ‘THANK YOU’.  Mentioning ‘Thank you’ to the people who went out of their way to assist you, shows you recognise the help. There is also a high probability that our relationships with people will get better when we show appreciation to them. It is the one key that opens doors of favour which will eventually attract people who will give you their full support any time.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected – Anonymous

Today is Sunday; Go out and have some fun or stay whenever you are and still get pleasure from doing any of your hobbies.  Happy Sunday to you! This coffee is very hot, am sipping it slowly.


Business success of a businessman

Happy Friday everyone! This evening’s white coffee left a super pleasant after-taste unlike before. Don’t know for sure what happened to my coffee today but I like it, at least for the fullness of its flavour. While I took my coffee at intervals, I kept having flashbacks of the good chinwag I had with friends earlier this afternoon. Thus making me want to share this with you:

Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement (Anthony D’angelo)

Don’t be distracted by your self-critic because it will give you many reasons why you should be contented with your situation. There is NO RIGHT TIME for self-improvement. Every time you feel things are stagnant around you, allow yourself to change. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Rejuvenation always begins with one step outside your comfort zone.  DO NOT FORGET to take calculated risks when making decisions that involves your well-being.

Excuses will always be there, opportunity won’t.