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Hmm, I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

Good morning readers! Do you know that the road to happiness is paved with adversity? Today, I’ll share with you something about sacrificing to make your future better than what you see today.

No wine without first crushing  the grapes

No flowers without dealing with dirt

Lou holtz quipped:

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.

Ignore harsh criticism from haters (If you do well, they will find a fault somehow. If you don’t do well, they condemn you but then again; If you choose to do nothing at all, they will spread lies and tarnish your reputation). So stop making excuses when you see a reason to sacrifice for your gain tomorrow. Pitfalls shapes us but do not determine who we are. Don’t give up on yourself, you are not in this world to just exist. You are here to fulfil a purpose and until you do that, you will continue to feel like you do not belong anywhere.

A . W Tozer said:

A simple-hearted man was asked how he managed to live in such a state of tranquillity even though he was faced by adverse circumstances. His reply was profound, yet simple: I have learned to cooperate with the inevitable.

Watch the steps you take to achieve your goals lest you fall into one of the major pitfalls of life. Nevertheless if you fall, get up and see further instead of looking back.