As I was reading this lengthy but fascinating story by Karen Beatrice while enjoying a cup of coffee this evening; I gathered a lot from it and have decided to share with you an advice which was inspired by the above blog post. Here it is:

More often than not in this race called life: we get too occupied with chasing our dreams to the extent; we bypass the blessings and opportunities life is offering us at that time, in an attempt to get immediate results or hit the main target.

I am not discouraging anyone from focusing on their ambition rather what am saying is that; it’s wise to light up your path with hope despite challenging times by being open to various opportunities that can only bring you something useful. You may not know which opportunity is leading to the fulfilment of your dreams or is giving you a better future. Your gut feeling in this case is also your guide to help you decide whether to give up the search for that dream and try something similar or continue till you achieve it.

Perhaps this is the last post for July; I have written twelve posts this month, check it out if you have not read any. I will see you again on August 1st 2017.

Thank you once again for liking, reading, sharing and commenting on my posts.  Hugs!! Hugs!!! Love.