Good morning, Bonjour, Guten morgen to all my readers and visitors!

I got a little message for us today:

Do you know that if you’re having a bad day and someone walks up to you and gives you that compliment you have being dying to hear; it can automatically make you smile.

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.

How we feel every morning we get up from our bed is very important. If you wake up happy, good for you. If you wake up sad, it would definitely affect your mood the entire day if you don’t do something to brighten your mood quickly. Although the morning may look blessed/terrible, we should at least remember to say something sweet to ourselves before we attend to our daily routines for the day or sleep at night. It helps in keeping us positive somehow.

So today, you would tell me the kind words you got for yourself within the first 6 sec of seeing this Gif. It could be one or two or five, (Aha… is it possible, let’s see if you have a sharp eye) be sincere and share what you saw within the first 6 sec in the comment section.


Tag anyone in the world and say something nice to that person today.